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iLogic CAD/Viewer V1.1.28 & Add Tester -- Under developing

Hello World !!     I am developing for release 28th step, iLogic CAD/Viewer V1.1.28,  this way I currently create news listed below: Map Connection:  Connection not only for Layer, we add diagram connective (MapConnect). When you need shortcut to connect, you could use new functionalities.  Refine the <Find Rectangle of Diagram> and debug,  When There is no object make it find Rectangle of Diagram.  Add program for Tester      There also include TEPMWComponent, and some middleware's projects in InstallShield. There may be interesting of middleware project while use iLogic.  When you use Middleware, do not forget add label to About form, for safety and for security.      Have nice day and work friendly with iLogic ,that are our Innovation and Creative Projects. Our tools and Service that good job to you. Ivan Perng in HsinChu.  

twicss iLogic in About Form !!

Hello World !!     twicss iLogic in About Form under iLogic CAD/Viewer.  EP iLogic CAD of  <EP>  you can determinate to be together after Registeration.  4+.4+.X --- 0.4+.X  the definition of version for manufactory.  When you have any Product Identification and need special functionality ,  please mail to us and tell us  your specific yield.  I will consider of this situation to release for your organization or for your company.       Currently we released  0.1 /  1.1  /  0.2 version. We did not release  2.0 / 0.3 / 3.3 version in Internet, just internal use only.  twicss iLogic shall keep going on way to factory version for you requirement.    0.2 /  2.0 / 0.3 / 3.3  all of them are twicss iLogic software , our service and our tools will make you job simple.    I also noted to Autodesk  and  wrote that <EP>  you define it ,  <Inverter iLogic> status is also same to twicss iLogic, Trade mark & service tools will be continue.  Now twicss iLogic is on the

iLogic CAD V1.1.27-2 was put in blogsite []

Hello World !!     This way we put this version into blogsite, you can download that installshield to install iLogic. The version is 1.1.27-2 that debug TTF problem,  now it can display font that you installed. The executed file is same that compare 1.1.27-1.     This Official Version Personal Edition, limited one account in one PC.  Our service and tools will make job easily. How expirence you are, you can share and mail us of your design.  Thanks of you join the iLogic design, it will be mainly design method.  Please add label while you are designing under OpenUser term, when you have any Porduct Identification, do not forget to register iLogic.    Due_Balance_Car  is my first project for hardware, yeah it must be Balance to keep up the machine. An example you can discovery what you face any balance you done. Closed loop will raise up big x-space you fixed something. Ivan Perng in HsinChu. 

How twicss of the business are ?

Hello world !!      twicss is  [iLogic Connective System Site in Taiwan], those connective method of proposal are from Middleware Projects.  Middlewares were definition  that to communicate EP iLogic in EULA.         The business of Middleware is to sell after modified middleware or having Product Identification. Good job to you, make you job easily.      Middleware in Institute and in Company (Middleware_ICII),  must have Registered Middlewares. Keep going on the way,  It wil be great !!  Have nice days and work friendly with iLogic.  Build up [Lib/Func] , knowledgement you design with LCOD [Layer Conception of Document].