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Try to recovery and new machine for phpbb

Hello all      phpbb is suspend,  currently  I try to recovery phpbb service with new machine of raspberry pi.  I use 3B type to build and have 1.2GH arm to run service. It seem fast and less delay of www.  Now the database of phpbb has 950MB to import new server. I needs time to complete this job.  before I said that need three months to recovery.  It is gone two month and on going dis-link.  I know it is my problem and because of  I have under low expense limited, I have to do it.      Middleware project of EP iLogic have been exported to network over seven years, but know it of  people still are less, I have to post more about that information in Internet and application now is more important to describe of functions to automation.        I am developing the tools of communication  about modbus serial / tcp / udp.  That is very important to build automation while diagram running and control loop.  Here I almost complete about modbus tcp, master / slave,  I think they will be good fo