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EpiLogic V1.2.29, Download available

 Hello all     EpiLogic CAD/Viewer V1.2.29-4609  download available.       This version debug many problems, especially memory leaking,  and I used MemType=4 format to access diagram data & information to be more efficiency and fast when loading.  Now I can test one million objects to operate with that program. When user want to renew the program, please user reinstall that software to face the new progress of LCOD (Layer conception of documents).       I use layer-8 example to build locd of huge file, so When the usage of the memory is over 1GB, there will raise up Out out memory. It is different in older windows 7, that can use up to 4GB. Operating System may limited the usage of memory to improve their system performance. So I decide I have to overcome this memory limited status to draw diagram when LCOD are huge.      Thanks user read this message blog, this information and download link will be good for your test electronic devices and any configured system to open/closed loo

Try to recovery and new machine for phpbb

Hello all      phpbb is suspend,  currently  I try to recovery phpbb service with new machine of raspberry pi.  I use 3B type to build and have 1.2GH arm to run service. It seem fast and less delay of www.  Now the database of phpbb has 950MB to import new server. I needs time to complete this job.  before I said that need three months to recovery.  It is gone two month and on going dis-link.  I know it is my problem and because of  I have under low expense limited, I have to do it.      Middleware project of EP iLogic have been exported to network over seven years, but know it of  people still are less, I have to post more about that information in Internet and application now is more important to describe of functions to automation.        I am developing the tools of communication  about modbus serial / tcp / udp.  That is very important to build automation while diagram running and control loop.  Here I almost complete about modbus tcp, master / slave,  I think they will be good fo

phpBB, BBS is suspend

 Hello all     The site is suspend, because of expired status on Google Cloud service. I inform everybody on blog.  After expiring of  phpBB, I decide to build new machine for that site and will be three months of time to prepare building.       It costs low by preparing machine self with Respberry Pi, Small Computer/Device of linux OS.  Now the software of functionalities is more stability and use easily. I can do it by myself and complete that Internet Service.  I tell user and reader that phpbb of information are all of backup and Storage. There are six thousand of users and more than thousand posts and useful advertisement information, Please waiting our service recovery and be on.  Ivan Perng in Hsinchu

epOffice / Software Service / domain name sites

 Hello all   Here, we list our software service site and information.   (suspend)   twicss blog is development of middleware for everyone, please let's report the news and tell of our solution of middleware. When users are interesting, please e-mail or contact us for registration and for authorized software.  Thanks. Ivan Perng in Hsinchu