Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Software Service and [Quotation], Subscribe.

Hello all,

     When I set up phpbb under testing,  one of users post and tell, how to subscribe.  Now It is third service that provide blogger to report and to send quotation and the expense.  By that services, I keep mailing to understand user's any status and reserved information to access, the ability of one person to q-serise,  finally will be thanks message feeback to user.

     That  I am limitation of buiness is going to Mechanical Virtualization of Engineering.  When user mail and write to me, please the content of document is on Virtual Device only.  Basis Caculator of calculation only Ok either to preform of your report or to blog and customers for each one person.

ivanpeng321,  projector

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Blogger and Service On !!

Hello all,

   Recently , Google released and switched on this blog,  so on.  Because twicss of projects are starting self to be limited of extentive application. So our old friends and news friends are all together,  made their status be fast easily to do exceeding. I have to tell the limitation themself. Why did I say  about that ?    Because that documents(LCOD) are increased of very ratio to develop.
   I will usually mail one mail / one day, to complete one of purpose need two years or up.  Other e-mails only receive the mailing. 
   How are you today ? ,  howsland and I keep in Open University to watch TV.  Keep going on, the methology of modulization, how to do the properties of cowork / staff to make stuffs/(Reserved of ProductIDs) in Traditional Chinese with LCOD , while you are designing. 

Ivan Perng in Taiwan.

(20200713, Recovery !!? )

Monday, December 17, 2018

I am back after vacation.

Hello world !!

 After vacation I am back to applicable the twicss.

    Acturally the businese items that were applied in HsinChu government currently is ready to do, but it need more resource of application. I am to try and to do. The way need time and resource to develop.  After thinking what the value  I wish just solid the code of middlware projects to do this, and sample example to have way.  User on design I can service in. 

    I may call myself  middleware engineer to service.  Create job I service in.    Middleware_ICII the way will be implemented by partner or by me.  That important thing of the value is license and production. I believe keep the level I walk in, the business will have starting on that date.

Ivan Perng in HsinChu.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

How to use DueFlashStorage in Arduino Due (Middleware)

Hello World !!

      This topic we want to tell that the example of Arduino Mega2560 is not enough of EEPROM to applicable. So I find the other to resolve this problem. now we can use DueFlashStorage and Arduino Due to save binary code that download from EP iLogic.

  •  First you can Download DueFlashStorage  this link https://www.arduinolibraries.info/libraries/due-flash-storage  and unzip.  Copy that files to Arduino\Libraries directory.  That meaning your installed arduino can use third solution of library to DueFlashStorage.
  • Please modify and merge the file DueFlashStorage.h
        <<   from: >>
                 // 1Kb of data

                 #define DATA_LENGTH   ((IFLASH1_PAGE_SIZE/sizeof(byte))*4)

         <<  to: >> 

              // 250Kb of data
              #define DATA_LENGTH   ((IFLASH1_PAGE_SIZE/sizeof(byte))* 4 * 250)

             250 Kb you can set up with your decision.

  • Please New Project from Sample Template (you can select Due Balance Car)
           .<<   from: >>
            #include <EEPROM.h>
            byte iLogic_eeprom_read_byte(unsigned int addr)
              { return EEPROM.read(addr);
            void iLogic_eeprom_write_byte( unsigned int addr , byte data )
             { EEPROM.write(addr, data);

         << to: >>
       #include <DueFlashStorage.h>
           DueFlashStorage dueFlashStorage;
           byte iLogic_eeprom_read_byte(unsigned int addr)
          {    return dueFlashStorage.read(addr);
         void iLogic_eeprom_write_byte( unsigned int addr , byte data )
         {   dueFlashStorage.write(addr,data);

  • Complete the uppers,  you can use flash to storage,  please carefully  SetDValue , and SetDAValue do not be set too many times in FUNCs. It will write data to flash.

Island and I that take break to make advertisements !!

Hello World !!

    The picture photo from Taiwan. East coast to see that island. It likes turtle and mountain.

    Slowly developing the next goal of LCOD.  That island and I that take break to make advertisements about EP iLogic Viewer/CAD/Tester.  Now I am not necessary to build and develop new functionalities, because the LCOD (Layer Conception of Document) system already was built in version Version 1.1.  Now we just to make advertisement and everyone know it that our purpose of next.

    Did you have any experience of using LCOD ?   In physic world you really know this conception,  that is abstract and rule of language. Here we created this and told everyone, you can and build them  to be power up projects. Just object to line and line to object.  After researching and developing I  I believe this way will bring the wonderful imagination and easy job to decrease your loading of job.

   The developing of new functionalities that take a break like turtle island of non-moving in the Pacific Ocean.  It maybe be huge and awesome in your view-points. So users please keep the level to build up high value and worth, let's make wonderful world we wish.

    "^Accentropy" , This currently  were under planning,  this shall be executed in future.  please subscribe our blog and we will bring news for reader.

 Ivan Perng in HsinChu.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

EP iLogic Solution for new version

Hello world !!

    This attached file is about new plans of Standard Edition.  Inside you will read the more description and more information let you understand of structure of iLogic application.  When you want to be continue , you must have a ProductID to register EP iLogic, After ProductID you network registration , there is no limited 30-day to evaluation and to test.  Register program shall write registerred information to documents, that is very important to make the value of yours. Thanks of your corporation and watch this to comments of this site.  We hope that program make you have nice days and work firendly with iLogic.

EP iLogic Solutions_V02

Ivan Peng in HsinChu

Monday, August 28, 2017

iLogic CAD, Version Control Description

    Thanks of your supporting for comments , we shall continue and post relative information in Internet.

v0.1.X Personal Edition Test Version, Done
v1.1.X Personal Edition Official Version, Done   2017/04

v0.2.X Standard Edition, Under developing , were put in Internal Information Site.
v2.2.X Standard Edition, Pending
v0.3.X Application Edition,  Author & Engineer to applicable

    When you have any problem, please contact us.  We shall reply and answer the information, you need.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

EP iLogic , Personal Edition was done in April ,2017

Hello World !!

    Hi everyone,  We tell everybody that our development of iLogic Personal Edition was done in April 2017. So there will not newly V1.1 version in Internet.  V1.1.28 is latest version in Internal Releasing Information Site. If you are interesting in this version please do not hestitage mail to us.
    Now our currently purpose is only to application of iLogic to engineering or to any programming. That meaning there will not any newly version of personal edition to release in Internet. V1.1 version is useful and easy , power up your programming and speeding. 
    After application when you have any production identification to world , do not forget register this ilogic  and get authorized software.  EP iLogic Personal Edition have much functionalities ( connective , configuration, communication ..) make program easy and monitor whole statement you design.  Why not use this power up of utilites ?  Of course you should use it to decrease your loading of programming.

Ivan Perng in HsinChu

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Finish the developments of Map Connection of iLogic.

Hello World !!

    I finished the developments of Map Connection of iLogic.  Now V1.1.28 this version was put in Internal Releasing information.  If you are interesting of Map Connection such as design problem, please contact us, we will provide the version to evaluate the drawing. I believe this way will increase the speed of connection, because you need not line to line of connective operation for common signal. Now It is used node to same points of new method. Create Map Connect (Point Object) to build up connective power that make system easily and simple.


Ivan Perng in Hsinchu

Monday, March 27, 2017

iLogic CAD/Viewer V1.1.28 & Add Tester -- Under developing

Hello World !!

    I am developing for release 28th step, iLogic CAD/Viewer V1.1.28,  this way I currently create news listed below:

  • Map Connection:  Connection not only for Layer, we add diagram connective (MapConnect). When you need shortcut to connect, you could use new functionalities. 
  • Refine the <Find Rectangle of Diagram> and debug,  When There is no object make it find Rectangle of Diagram. 
  • Add program for Tester 
    There also include TEPMWComponent, and some middleware's projects in InstallShield. There may be interesting of middleware project while use iLogic.  When you use Middleware, do not forget add label to About form, for safety and for security. 

    Have nice day and work friendly with iLogic ,that are our Innovation and Creative Projects. Our tools and Service that good job to you.

Ivan Perng in HsinChu.


Monday, March 13, 2017

twicss iLogic in About Form !!

Hello World !!

    twicss iLogic in About Form under iLogic CAD/Viewer.  EP iLogic CAD of  <EP>  you can determinate to be together after Registeration.  4+.4+.X --- 0.4+.X  the definition of version for manufactory.  When you have any Product Identification and need special functionality ,  please mail to us and tell us  your specific yield.  I will consider of this situation to release for your organization or for your company.
   Currently we released  0.1 /  1.1  /  0.2 version. We did not release  2.0 / 0.3 / 3.3 version in Internet, just internal use only.  twicss iLogic shall keep going on way to factory version for you requirement.

   0.2 /  2.0 / 0.3 / 3.3  all of them are twicss iLogic software , our service and our tools will make you job simple.

   I also noted to Autodesk  and  wrote that <EP>  you define it ,  <Inverter iLogic> status is also same to twicss iLogic, Trade mark & service tools will be continue. 

Now twicss iLogic is on the way to make advertisements. 

Thanks of your attention and watch the step to me !!

Ivan Perng in HsinChu


iLogic CAD V1.1.27-2 was put in blogsite [epoffice.blogsite.org]

Hello World !!

    This way we put this version into blogsite, you can download that installshield to install iLogic. The version is 1.1.27-2 that debug TTF problem,  now it can display font that you installed. The executed file is same that compare 1.1.27-1. 

   This Official Version Personal Edition, limited one account in one PC.  Our service and tools will make job easily. How expirence you are, you can share and mail us of your design.  Thanks of you join the iLogic design, it will be mainly design method.  Please add label while you are designing under OpenUser term, when you have any Porduct Identification, do not forget to register iLogic.

   Due_Balance_Car  is my first project for hardware, yeah it must be Balance to keep up the machine. An example you can discovery what you face any balance you done. Closed loop will raise up big x-space you fixed something.

Ivan Perng in HsinChu. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How twicss of the business are ?

Hello world !!

     twicss is  [iLogic Connective System Site in Taiwan], those connective method of proposal are from Middleware Projects.  Middlewares were definition  that to communicate EP iLogic in EULA. 
     The business of Middleware is to sell after modified middleware or having Product Identification. Good job to you, make you job easily. 

    Middleware in Institute and in Company (Middleware_ICII),  must have Registered Middlewares. Keep going on the way,  It wil be great !! 

Have nice days and work friendly with iLogic.  Build up [Lib/Func] , knowledgement you design with LCOD [Layer Conception of Document].

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hello World !!

I will change my son's picture to my picture (Ivan Perng).  This 2nd day is in Chinese New Year.

Happy New Year.

Have Nice Days.

Travelling around Taiwan, do you want to ?

No No No,  too much  on the road.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017