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Refresh theme of blogger and official sites

 Hello all       Today I recovery the SSL connective setting and well to display the  secured icon.  so ,, , all of them show the icon OK and I also change the web-site theme,  Because I knew the google policy of www server, so I have to do SSL and made it be secured.  That certified is available in two years.  After that date in future  I shall have do again that procedure and update.  This blogger also change theme and refresh the viewer  made you have new feeling to read our blog.    Thanks user keep going on read our articles and please send comments and problems you want to understand.   this site also redirect to , so please user know that and blogger to know more status of development middle-ware projects.      iLogic connective site in Taiwan, user can use Personal Edition of Ep iLogic CAD/Viewer V1.1 limited version to compete personal purpose only OK, it made closed loops and open loops wi