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Ep iLogic CAD/Viewer , Introduction


mwlx server, How to build up middleware on linux and to communicate Ep-iLogic Viewer/CAD V1.2

  The programming, you have with [CAD/Viewer] to made it easily This post will describe the procedure of install and setup, when it is completed, it could communicate with EpiLogic Viewer/CAD V1.2, please follow those procedure below bring up you programming have CAD/Viewer made your progress easily when closed loops and monitor status design. This server is UDP protocol and Port:6000. To get your PC IP: #ifconfig | grep inet | awk -F ‘ ‘ ‘{print $2}’ | awk -F ‘:’ ‘{print $2}’ Please download mwlx-0.1 from #wget Please un-tar file go onto compile #tar zxvf ./mwlx-0.1.tar.gz #cd mwlx/src #make After compile ok, execute the program to start middleware server … #cd ../bin #./mwlx >> mwlx.log & Now you can use EpiLogic CAD/Viewer to communication this mwlx middleware… Download EpiLogic CAD/Viewer, please link to Please reference this article to c