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Blogger and Service On !!

Hello all,    Recently , Google released and switched on this blog,  so on.  Because twicss of projects are starting self to be limited of extentive application. So our old friends and news friends are all together,  made their status be fast easily to do exceeding. I have to tell the limitation themself. Why did I say  about that ?    Because that documents(LCOD) are increased of very ratio to develop.    I will usually mail one mail / one day, to complete one of purpose need two years or up.  Other e-mails only receive the mailing.     How are you today ? ,  howsland and I keep in Open University to watch TV.  Keep going on, the methology of modulization, how to do the properties of cowork / staff to make stuffs/(Reserved of ProductIDs) in Traditional Chinese with LCOD , while you are designing.  Ivan Perng in Taiwan. (20200713, Recovery !!? )