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Dislink the downloading of Standard Edition, Ep iLogic V1.2, Please evaluation with Personal Free Edition.

 Hello all        I decide today to dis-link the downloading of Standard Edition Ep iLogic Tester V1.2.  This Standard Edition Tester is properly with Internal group / Institute / Buyer for V1.X  Next Version.  Because Tester only in different with CAD is Isolation state, the other  are the same to CAD,  inform the user to know the way and please keep evaluating with V1.1, that mean user please evaluate with Personal Free Edition.  When user found the scope of LCOD and over 300 objects, please would buy and get ProductIDs to register and to get authorized software.          ProductIDs of this way to preform your product is simplicity and value scope of yours.  So user please after evaluation get that IDs, they will entry the production of yours.  Our site have two status to registration, one of them is [Subscribe], another is [Donation]. When donation, it will be reserved that value in Internal releasing information site. And when [Subscribe], we will provide ProductIDs made your insta